Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

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Matthew Mathes
I plan on going in to law enforcement.
Aaron Earls
Try to get into Georgetown College to major in Marine Biology.
Taylor Chapman
I plan to attend MCTC and go into education.
Clayton Arnold
Work at Rick's Auto Repair and Towing and hopefully start driving again once I get my vision back.
Olivia G. Hughes
Attend MCTC and Cosmetology school.
Abigail Allison
Going to college.
Kaitlin Bowling
Attending Berea in the fall to double major in Psychology and Theater production and directing.
Gunner Bryan
I'm going to Building Institutions for plumbing.
Lauren Crowe-Duggins
I'm going to MCTC for two years and then transfer to dental school to become a dentist.
William David Lucky
I been accepted to the University of Kentucky school of design for a bachelors architecture.
Scott Rarrick
I plan to find a good job and be the best person I can be.
Morgan Nickerson
I plan on going to Sullivan in Lexington to further my career.
Mary Hollis Partin
I'm going to Morehead State University and pursuing a career in nursing.
Brooklyn Fayth Kinder
Attend Maysville and get my RN in nursing.
Savannah Norman
My plans after graduation are to go to Maysville.
Devon Mitchell
I plan on starting work somewhere but I’d like to go to some sort of technical college.
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