Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

Paul Hoskins
Get a job. I might enlist in the army or go to welding school.
Brenda Scott
Enlisting in the Marines.
Zak King
I plan to attend cosmetology school.
Austin McLemore
Joining the army and entering the welding field.
Austin Ross
Get a job and make money.
Brooklyn Gaunce
Not sure yet.
David Hall
I want a job in masonry. I may enlist in the army.
Hunter Gaunce
Start a business making a lot of money.
Brooklyn Kelly
Work and Walmart and raise my children.
Cameron Willhoit
Continue working for the family business.
Christopher Shrout
Factory job or military.
Cameron Covington
Make money.
Camran Claypool
I want to be successful.
Haley Knipper
Attending MCTC and majoring in nursing.
Dakota Maxwell
I plan to go into the military. I would like to be an Army Chaplain.
Cody Shrout
Factory job or military.
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