Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

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Payton Walker
Go to UK and major in psychology
Whitney Mattox
Travel the world with my best friend and then go to college to become a Psychologist.
Alannah Ritchie
I plan to got to Paul Mitchell and get my cosmetology license and hopefully open my own shop.
Hailey Scott
I plan to go to college and achieve a phlebotomy degree.
Dustin Ross
I plan to go to KWI and be a certified pipe welder.
Savannah Slemp
I plan to attend either EKU or NKU and get my degree in Pre-law. Then I plan to go to the Chase School of Law and get my Bar association in law.
Addison Moore
I will be attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY with plans to major in English and minor in Art History.
Zachary Navarre
I plan to go to culinary school.
Erin Thomas
My plans for after graduation to enlist in the U.S Air Force and to make a career out of it whilst getting a college education.
Miranda Goetz
Going to attend Georgetown College and major in occupational or speech therapy.
Jake Fowler
Going to EKU, but undecided on a major.
Catherine Griffieth
I will be getting my RN at Maysville.
Christopher Griffith
I plan to go to lineman school.
Chelsea Claypool
Working and making money.
Kortney Harney
I plan to go to the University of Louisville to study interior design.
Mackenzie Hafley
I plan to go straight to work at Toyota.
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