Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

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Brooke Oldfield
Attending University of Louisville.
Brandon Sisson
I plan to go to attend BCTC and obtain my Associates degree in Business and start a career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Then I plan to finish my Bachelors degree.
Garrett Connor Marshall
After graduation I am going to take over our family business - Marshall's Tractor Service along with starting my own welding career.
Tanner Lee Irvin
Going to school for residential contracting. Eventually I'd like to start a business.
Whitney Lizer
Attend college for my nursing license.
Shannon James-Lee Yazell
Work and go to college.
Colton Kendall
Obtain a degree in Biology from the University of Kentucky, and attend medical school after finishing my undergraduate education.
Caelb Turner
Work and make money.
Kaycie Noelle Criswell
3M or Toyota for a few years then maybe college to follow my dreams.
Jaydy Torres
I plan to work and save money to go to college and be successful.
Eli Bishop
Further schooling/work family business.
Hunter L Thomas
My plans after college is to attend BCTC for Computerized Manufacturing and Machining.
Christian Blake Burden
Pre-med at Transy.
Isaiah Mann
Plan to attend Maysville for a business degree.
David Smith
Go to college and get a wonderful paying job with great benefits.
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