Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

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Katie Wood
Go to college and become a neurologist.
Nathaniel Chase LeGrand
I have enlisted in the military.
Cameron Kinsey
I plan to attend the University of the Cumberlands to play soccer and major in Information Technology.
Abby Stroub
Go to EKU and major in Athletic Training
Trapper Butcher
Zak Perez
After school I'm going to try and find a job and start college somewhere so I can further my education and get a good job that I enjoy.
Jacob Hill
My plans are to go to Northern Kentucky University to pursue a degree as a videographer.
Nathan Graves
I plan to go to trade school to get HVAC certification.
Javonte Shields-Fultz
I plan to go to MCTC and major in physical therapy.
Star Gallagher
I plan on going to Maysville Community & Technical College and get my basics. Then go on to get my masters degree in labor and delivery nursing (L&D RN).
Trevor Eden
I’ve been accepted to EKU and MCTC, but not sure what my plans are for after graduation.
Noah Daily
Taking welding at BCTC.
Colton Dixon
I plan to attend technical school.
Lane Florence
I plan to go into the workforce.
Jackson Andrew Kendall
Planning to attend the Building Institute and specialize in HVAC.
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