Harrison County High School

Seniors 2020

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Preston Spencer
Get a job and make money.
Miranda Clem
I plan to go to Maysville and get a degree in nursing.
Amber Blanton
I'm going to get a job and then I may go to college.
Dakota Hill
After graduation I plan to attend EKU and major in Biology and then hopefully go on to pharmacy school afterwards.
Ally Mattox
Attend BCTC and go through the Dental Hygiene program.
Chase Edwards
I'm going to KWI to pipeline weld.
Aaron Gaunce
I plan to attend Maysville and I'm going to become a registered nurse.
Allee Williams
Going to Berea college and becoming a teacher.
Sarah Wilson
I plan to get a part time job while I go to college. I’m not totally sure of where i want to go but I do hope to go to college.
Gracie Wyatt
I plan to attend Midway University and major in Biology. I have also signed to bowl for their women’s bowling program.
Bennett Sosbe
Working for Milner Construction and planning toward owning my own construction business.
Courtney Russell
My plans after graduation are to go to Maysville Community College to get a business degree then I plan on going to cosmetology school.
Kelton Mattox
I have made plans to attend MCTC for business then continue to pursue my unbelievable blessing and opportunity in the horticultural pathway.
Steven Hutchison
Continue working in industrial maintenance and going to college.
Kendra Barker
I plan on getting a factory job and make the best of my life here.
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